Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm an eternal optimist... I try to see the best in life but it gets hard when there is millions of people suffering starving and dying everyday. When there are so many disasters and the words suicide bombers are now an every day thing on the 6 o'clock news. The fact that everyday people in First word countries die of alcohol poisoning and people in third world countries die of starvation and malnutrition. We over indulge they have nothing. I stop being an optimist when I realize the people running our countries are too cowardly to stop it. The politicians of the world sit and talk while we struggle to make sense of everything that's happening in the world. Take NZ for example... Binge drinking is huge it kills so many, but yet there is no 'law' prohibiting it there is no action being taken to try and stop it no instead the politicians just sit there and raise GST lower Tax and think they are amazing...
My point is that optimism is something that's slowly but surely ending. The world is killing the hope of billions because one or two people do not dare to listen to the poor. Before when everyone believed in god it was so much simpler because the bible was the only rule book. I'm not strongly religious but this world needs something to save them and i think the only thing that will is if we all believed in that figment of imagination that is god, it doesn't matter if you thinks it's stupid and that nothing could make you believe in a object that may or may not be real. I believe i put my faith into God but i do not believe a single story from the bible. The other day a girl was shot in south africa over $20 the man who shot her put his faith into money if he had put his faith into God ... That girl would still be alive, because if you have faith in god even during the hardest times he will always be there unlike money.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my style..

for the NZ's next top stylist competition.. I don't think i'll win but i created three outfits that are uniquely me and on trend anyway and had a great time .. tell me what you think

first outfit: flowery dress $30 from cotton on, White shirt $2 from second hand shop, Denim jacket borrowed from mum 90s, socks $10 for 3 pack, shoes $30 farmers, bracelets both gifts from friends.
second outfit: sunglasses and dress gifts from my lovely boyfriend, jersey $10 cotton on body, bracelets borrowed from friend, necklace 2 pounds :), boots $20 warehouse.
third outfit: leather jacket $30 savemart, dress borrowed from my mum bought at esprit, boots $30 cotton on.
photos taken by my friend :) xx