Thursday, February 10, 2011

The pain of a pretty girl
so i know i haven't blogged in positively forever but nobody really reads this anyway never mind i have a point i would like to make.
So we search the net for images of women and what comes up.. idealistic pictures of scantily clad women where it's all about their boobs and their but ... well i have grown up into a well endowed female with boobs and a but, and i can tell you now that i would never allow myself to be one of does internet images i would never portray myself as a sexy female.. Why? well i get exploited when i walk down the street i can't walk a distance of a kilometre without a wolf whistle or a honk ... I hate that! They don't know me they have no right to stare at me and only see a body with legs .. I hate the fact that 90% of all men i've ever talked to since puberty have only talked to me because of my looks .... It's not flattering at all afterall what's so nice about a guy coming up to you in a bar and saying .."oh your hot, can i buy you a drink "
I just feel like nothing when males look at me .. it's like i'm nothing but boobs and a but i just want to be appreciated for my brains and talent not my body. THE END.