Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the introduction of The.girl.with.the.$10.dollar.wardrobe

Well as you can tell by the name of my blog im the girl with the $10 dollar wardrobe and when i say $10 I quite literally mean $10 I live in New Zealand and I love fashion so as You've probally guessed my blog is a fashion blog.
So you think you cant have a fashion blog without a designer wardrobe?? well I'm about to show you different =D my style is full of vintage finds for you guessed it $10 from a massive 2nd hand shop called save mart i got a unique style i guess i call it parisian its a mix of sweet pretty florals hard bikey leather with a bit of oriental style jewelery chucked in yep I'm th girl with the $10 wardrobe
and once i've sorted my computer out I'll have my first fashion blog posted aurevoir xx

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