Friday, July 9, 2010

Candice Swanepoel

I'd love to be the person in gorgeous photos like this but I'd really rather be behind the camera taking photos that inspire me .... future career .. maybe if this acting thing doesn't work out. I'm going to have a bit of a rant today because i've got some inspiring things on my mind. I am sure you've all heard the quote '' if life gives you lemons make lemonade " well i'm only really starting to understand that now i take it to mean that if you've had a rough time or if you've felt like crap lately you have to turn it into something productive when you're down this is my list of what i do to pick myself back up.
- 1, the inevitable fight with your boyfriend my best remedy, is to have a cry read all does sweet cards he wrote you, go round to his place and give him a ten minute long hug followed by a twenty minute long kiss :P .... best remedy ever
- 2, if you're feeling blah and bored with your life just in general the best way i get myself happy again is to pick up my guitar and strum random songs or i just sing songs like hero by mariah carey at the top of my lungs ( if you're gonna try this make sure you have a decentish voice other wise your neighbours will complain lol ) basically do something creative =)
-3, you've failed at something ...... we've all been there my epic fail was having my pants fall down at scouts ... i was the only girl > blush ... Best remedy ... get over it move on no-one apart from you is going to remeber it in twenty years.
-4, you're confused about some issue that is bothering you .... just take some time to your self have a long bath relax go for a walk what i do .. i go horse riding it takes my mind off things and i always have a clear head when i'm done.
-5, you've been hurt .. bullied, raped, abused etc.... TELL SOMEONE i can't speak from experience here but i know that no matter what there is a way through somehow and you start that by talking to someone in cases like these you can't do it alone.

my advice to you xx

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